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Spikeball Pro Balls

from €16,00

The same balls that come with the Spikeball Pro Set. Get a refill now if yours are broken or lost, or if you just want more balls to train with. ...

Rashball Pro balls


The new Rashball Pro Ball. Softer, more spin, better grip. Now play Roundnet at the highest level. The new Pro Ball gives you a much more precise and accurate gaming...

BamBall extra training & game ball pack


Perfect for replacing a lost BamBall or adding to the collection. Exactly the same balls as the original BamBall training & match balls. Contains: 2 balls (8cm diameter) 1 training...

Rashball Schulangebot

from €300,00

Um Roundnet in der Schule noch zugänglicher zu machen, bieten wir euch gemeinsam mit unserem Partner Rashball dieses Angebot welches perfekt für den Schulunterricht ist. Mit 6 Sets könnt ihr...


from €30,00

One of our biggest concerns is to spread the love of the sport of Roundnet. Of course, schools play a very special role in this. We therefore have a very...

BamBall Extra Game Ball Pack


Perfect for replacing a lost BamBall or adding to the collection. The same balls as the original BamBall game balls. Contains: 3 game balls Guarantee:   BamBall offers lifetime warranty...

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