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Spikeball Pro Balls

from €18,00

The same balls that come with the Spikeball Pro Set. Get a refill now if yours are broken or lost, or if you just want more balls to train with. ...

RM Serving Line


Our solution that helps you to spray the perfect no-hit zone and information lines. Small, compact and incredibly practical. The eco-band made from recycled PET bottles is light but very...

Chalk spray


Marking spray for your roundnet circles, whether on natural grass or artificial turf. These spray cans have been used in training and tournaments in Cologne for a long time and...

Premiere Spike Set: MEGA DEAL

from €130,00

Premier Spike secure bargains and support Roundnet Germany-€ 5 per set goes into RG's solidarity fund. The Solidarity Fund supports financially disadvantaged people by taking over the tournament registration fee...

Spikeball Pro Set


The Pro Set is aimed at players whose game grows beyond the Standard Set. This is the tournament set for most Roundnet tournaments. The more robust set design keeps the...

Spikeball Set (Standard)


Fast, fun and totally addictive! This set includes everything you need for a round of Roundnet (2v2) and is best suited for those who are new to the sport and...

Community Offer - Spikeball

from €216,00

We would like to support German associations and communities as much as possible. That's why we're offering you a juicy discount on bulk orders! Simply select and order products. If...

BamBall Roundnet Set (standard edition)


The Bamball Roundnet Set in the standard version is the perfect choice for you if you just want to play a few rounds of roundnet with friends in the garden,...

Rashball Set inkl. 2x ProBälle


Out in the park, at the lake, at the sea, on the beach or just with friends in the hall! Your rashball set includes everything you need to play rashball...



Play Roundnet in the dark now! This attachment from Spikeball consists of an LED ring that can be attached to your Spikeball Pro or Standard Set. So the Roundnet fun...

Rashball NetUp


With NetUp you can set up your net comfortably in fractions of a second. A NetUp set consists of 5 NetUps that you attach to the ends of the net....

Rashball Pro balls


The new Rashball Pro Ball. Softer, more spin, better grip. Now play Roundnet at the highest level. The new Pro Ball gives you a much more precise and accurate gaming...

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