We had heard the questions too many times; "Which products even exist?" and "Where can I buy a spikeball set or one of the others?" Even we didn't always have an overview of all the products that were available on the market. Whenever we saw and tried some cheap imitation products, it hurt somewhere in the heart... this sport that has become so dear to us is contaminated by cheap products, while even the people that are deeply integrated in the sport don't know what products there are and what the crucial differences are. At the same time, Amazon has also benefited from it. We had to change that. 

So, as a team of three, we brainstormed for a long time about possible solutions to this problem, and it relatively quickly became clear to us, that a good online shop was best solution. We browsed the market and couldn't find a comparable offer - to be honest, anything else would have surprised us. 

A few brainstorming sessions later and we decided that we would go through with the project. We all had a very clear idea of what we wanted to achieve: 

An online shop that offers all relevant products for Roundnet. Be it game material, accessories, fun products from the Roundnet communities, essentials for the after party and clothing, as well as the opportunity for newcomers to get the best information and get good advice. Everything the Roundnet heart desires. Everything in one place. It was also clear to us that we didn't want to make a fortune with the project, but above all to equip and support the communities, to stand by the Roundnet Germany e.V. association with a familiar service, and to enable us to set up lots of cool Roundnet projects, which simply is not enough for volunteer work. 

We've also set ourselves the not-so-easy goal of competing against the giant of online retail - Amazon. Our ambitious goal is to become the Number 1 option for new Roundnet customers. The shop that everyone knows and recommends. The shop that is simply standard when it comes to Roundnet. We don't want to achieve the goal to get rich - we want to achieve this because we truly believe that:

  • we are most familiar with the products and the sport, 
  • we will always offer the best products (to our knowledge), and
  • the Roundnet community will always remain our top priority

So we very much hope that you will support us with this vision and place your trust in us. This will help us to achieve our goals and to be able to offer the community more products in the future. You also help us to promote the sport in Germany and prevent a lot of money from ending up in large corporations like Amazon. #thinklocal