The two game balls from the Spikeball brand differ primarily in the feel of the ball. While the Standard Ball has a smooth surface texture, the Pro Ball's surface is dimpled, allowing for better ball control when touches during play and especially with different serves and hits.

The weight of the standard ball is higher due to the slightly thicker material and accordingly the bouncing effect in the net and in the hand is slightly lower (with the standard ball)


The standard balls for playing and training are absolutely sufficient for recreational and leisure-oriented players. However, for ambitious and more competitive players who plan to play in tournaments, for example, we recommend a Pro Ball - it is also the ball that is used in the most Roundnet tournaments. 

You can find more detailed information on the different variants and manufacturers of pro balls in the blog on Roundnet Pro balls.

Glimpse into the future

A ball alternative that will soon be available from us will then be the balls from the standard set newly created by Spikeball. These are very similar to the Pro Ball in terms of feel and only differ in size.  There will then be two balls of different sizes, which we can already confirm increases the fun and rallies when playing for leisure. Also known as the Rally Ball, the new ball is currently only available in the US and is 4.25" (10,79cm) in diameter, up from the 3.75"(9,53cm) of the regular Standard and Pro Balls.