When it comes to the first roundnet set, there are currently three options in Europe that we think are worth considering. There are now 20+ sets on the internet, but you can read why you should be careful in our blog on sets under €55.

Spikeball, Rashball and Bamball all offer sets that cost between €55 and €65. We explain the main differences between the individual sets and recommend which one is best for whom.

The sets in comparison

Spikeball, as the best-known brand, offers the best-selling set in the world, the Standard Set (65€). This set is intended for those who are new to the sport and want to learn the game in a relaxed manner or play a few rounds in the park or on the beach. We will explain the exact differences between the Spikeball Pro Set and the Standard Set in another blog. Spikeball is in the process of replacing the standard set with a new version. This set is currently only available in America and is intended to completely replace the current standard set in the long term. As soon as this set is available in Europe and here, you will know about it. The current standard set comes with round rims, which are a little less stable than pro rims, and three standard balls. You can also read about the differences between the standard and pro balls here. The standard feet offer sufficient stability when not being hit with full force, and remain stable on the grass or in the sand.

The Set of Rashball (60€) is 5 Euro cheaper than the standard set of Spikeball and still, in our opinion, offers some advantages. The Berlin-based manufacturer offers a standard product, but with more stable Pro Rims, as well as two Rashball Pro Balls. Only the feet are similar to the Spikeball Standard Set, which makes little difference when playing on grass or sand. So you have a more stable product with better balls for less money - a pretty good deal.

Ultimately, the set from the Stuttgart manufacturer Bamball (55€) is similar to that of Rashball in some aspects. Also the Bamball Set has sturdier frame parts combined with standard feet, but comes with three standard balls, one of which is slightly larger. The biggest difference is in the net itself - Bamball offers a net with an increased percentage of elastin. Due to the elastic net, the ball flies much higher with soft shots. This can be a great advantage for children and school classes because the ball does not fall to the ground as quickly and the children have more time to get to the ball and react. However, when played at a higher level or with harder hitting, the elastic net often cannot withstand the force, causing the ball to fly into the pocket more often and change direction quickly. In these cases, the net must be stretched very tightly so that there is proper tension in the net near the edge.

Our recommendation

Our number 1 for children and schools is the Bamball Set. This set enables and encourages quick rallies in the early stages of the game. Also, the set comes with a ball that is slightly larger, which is easier to control.

Our recommendation for newcomers who want to try out the pro balls quickly is the Rashball Set. Especially on the grass and in the sand you hardly notice a difference in stability even to the Spikeball Pro set. On smooth ground, as in the hall, the set will shift well, but there are also solutions for this. So the set offers a good long-term option, even if you are already playing at the highest level.

For experienced players who play regularly, we recommend spending €35 more on the Spikeball Pro Set. This investment is always worthwhile because it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.