In this blog, the Roundnet Sets Pro Spike Ball And Premier Spike Compared. The Spikeball Pro Set is currently the go-to for tournaments and top players, while the Premier Spike Set is a new product from the USA. The dimensions of the sets are pretty much the same, so adjusting the style of play is not necessary. However, the frame parts of the Premier Spike set are much thicker and more stable, which the product is approx. Twice as heavy as the Spikeball Pro set. So the transport is of course a bit more cumbersome, especially if you want to transport several sets, e.g. for training.

The build of the Premier Spike set has been reinvented compared to the other Roundnet sets, after which the five frame parts are inserted into each other and the feet are placed in the middle of the frame parts. This makes a perfect ring and also offers hooks for hooking the net at perfectly regular intervals. That makes tensioning evenly on the Premier Spike Set much easier. A small minus point at this point is that the hooks are relatively small and the net quickly unhooks. That can be a little frustrating when you build it up.

The material of the net is slightly different on the Premier Spike Set than on the Spikeball Pro Set. It looks a little softer and minimally more elastic. Depending on how much the net is stretched, this can lead to the ball bouncing more through the pocket and flying higher. At the same time, due to the higher elasticity, it is made necessary that the net is re-tensioned more regularly. This can be a nuisance when playing. Whether these points are disadvantages can be seen subjectively. At the wrong tension, it can increase the chance of a pocket, which makes a clean conclusion difficult. At the same time, this may give More chances for defense, which can increase the potential for longer rallies.

The balls of the Premier Spike Set feel very good and even, however the balls may vary slightly in size. The Premier Spike set currently costs approx. 130 €, which makes it 30-50 € more expensive than a Spikeball Pro set. But you have a product that is much more stable and high-quality, which means that the broken parts will be exchanged much less often. In addition, the Premier Spike Set stays in place much better when playing, which in many cases unnecessary the constant adjustment of the set, as is the case with the Spikeball Pro Set.

In summary, it can be said that Spike Ball Pro Set Is a good choice for players looking for a lightweight and easy-to-transport set. The Premier Spike Set Is, on the other hand, a better choice for players who are looking for a more stable and high-quality set that will last a long time even with intensive use. Both sets have their advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on the individual needs and preferences of the player which set is best suited.