If you compare the two pro balls of the brands Spikeball und Rashball with each other, the first noticeable difference is of course the corresponding colour of the Roundnet "Pro" balls. Rashball completely replaced its standard balls with pro balls last year. All sets therefore contain two Pro Balls. In our experience, the orange-colored ball is slightly more visible in darker lighting conditions and can therefore be used well for games at dusk.

In terms of size, shape and a nubbed surface, the two Roandnet Pro balls hardly differ from each other. The material of the Rashball balls makes a slightly thicker impression, which makes the ball feel a bit heavier at first, but the weight is not (at least not significantly) different from the Spikeball Pro Ball. In our gaming experience, the ball slows down more on the net and doesn't bounce as high out of it. 

Important addition

Our experience has shown that spikeball pro balls have significantly more outliers in terms of the shape than the rashball balls. The spikeball balls occasionally arrive with small deformations, which usually occur due to long storage times or differences in the thickness of the material. The feel of the individual spikeball balls can also differ - but this is usually only relevant if you are very experienced and play roandnet in terms of performance.  

Our recommendation

The price is €6 per ball from the manufacturer Rashball is 25% cheaper and therefore, from our point of view, a very good alternative and the right upgrade to become more familiar with serve and hitting techniques (spin, etc.). For active and ambitious tournament players we recommend the Spikeball Pro Ball, since almost all official tournaments in Germany and Europe (at least still) are played with Spikeball brand pro equipment.

Bonus tip

Of course, materials from different manufacturers can be combined. That means a good and cheaper addition to the Spikeball Standard Set could be Rashball Pro balls. Alternatively, you can add to your Rashball or BamBall Set by getting Spikeball Pro balls - because it's with the ball that you experience the biggest differences in the gaming experience.