Spikeball Pro or Spikeball Standard? A question that most Roundnet newcomers have certainly asked themselves. We briefly show you the exact, crucial differences between the two options and recommend which product is suitable for whom.


A direct comparison

Spikeball Standard

 Spikeball Pro

Standard set, simple carry bag, 3 standard balls Pro set, high-quality carrying bag/backpack, practical ball pump, two pro balls
For newcomers, families, leisure gamers
For ambitious tournament players
Lifetime Guarantee  Lifetime Guarantee 


The differences

The Standard Set – a veteran in Roundnet history. Available for €65, complete with a set, three standard balls, a simple carrying case and a lifetime guarantee. This set has everything you need to gamble in the garden, in the park or on the beach. When we started Roundnet in 2016 all tournaments were played on this set - so if you know nothing else it is more than sufficient. The set is easy to set up, super light and strong enough to withstand most hits. The biggest differences to the Pro-Set are the stability and the balls. In addition, the standard set is smooth underfoot, which is why it quickly slips on the hall floor. On the lawn or in the sand, however, this point does not come into play.

That Spikeball Pro Set (€100) is of course the continuation of the standard set and is currently the classic tournament set worldwide. The package includes the Pro set plus two pro balls, a handy ball pump and also here, lifetime guarantee. The game, the dimensions, the hooking system and the net itself remain exactly the same. The rims - these are thicker and more stable, the feet - thicker and with rubber nubs underneath, and the balls - evenly round with small nubs instead of a volleyball pattern-like profile. The set is more stable and can withstand even higher hit pressure. It doesn't happen here that the set jumps or changes shape when hitting the net. Nevertheless, the set gives way in a collision to avoid injuries. As already mentioned, the biggest difference is in the balls. The Pro balls offer a more advanced playing experience as more can be worked with cut. More on this in this blog.  

So who is which set suitable for?

If you just want a casual game of play with family or friends here and there, or if you're looking for the lightest, most compact option possible for your vacation, we recommend this Standard Set. It's perfect for getting to know the game and has a very low cost (65€ for 4+ people is really not much).

If you play more regularly and you want to take your game a step further or plan to play in tournaments, then the Pro Set is precisely for you. With a one-time investment of 100€ (plus lifetime guarantee) you are taken care of. This allows you to get used to the material that is used in most tournaments.

Another recommendation:

As an intermediate stage, it makes sense to add Pro Balls to your standard set. This means you can compensate for the biggest difference between the two sets with the lowest possible costs.